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Welcome to the Gryphons Love Nest

Welcome to the Gryphons Love Nest, this is the website of Salla Darktalon.   A very sweet and soft Snow Gryphon, here there will be stories that I, Salla, have written, whether it be from this persona or my Pen name Kathera, and artwork drawn for me will be put here as well, if you do wish to draw my character, then feel free to do so, my email is, there will be sections for both clean and adult works as well, there will be a lots more on this site in the future, but right now, the site is under construction, as I will be writing up a lot of the stuff here, there will be a chat room in the future, I will be looking for suitable flash chatroom sites, or even a javascript IRC client and will see about making a channel on either anthrochat or furnet, whichever two are easier to do, I also wish to create my own muck, but that might not be so easy for me to do so, and I may have to pull some donations to make it happen, so if anyone wishes to see a gryphon themed muck, then don't be afraid to donate to the gryphon love nest, donations will also be used to upgrade the account to a payed one and to make payments for a domain name.

News Updates

We have an IRC Channel on Anthrochat, the channel is #GryphonLove, so by all means join the channel and have fun ^v^. I am also looking for better hosts for the  adult forums, hopefully  I will have more luck finding one where I have to host the site myself.

Update, the new adult forums are up and running, and this will be the permanant adult forum, so check it out and enjoy.

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